Honest Review on “The New Health Insurance Solution” Best Selling Book

I purchased the book in order to find a market regarding the holistic health benefits network for which I sell. This book enlightens those who are “working for the man” and the reason for sky rocking health cost. People who rarely see the doctor are paying premiums for older people in their workplace who enjoy unhealthy lifestyles and are addicted to lifestyle drugs.

The solution to this situation is presented in purchasing a private policy. It also indicates how affordable these private policies can be. However, the author misleads the reader in regards to premium rates and premium increases. On page 10 and other pages he writes “premiums on most individual/family policies cannot be increased.” Guess what, depending upon the health, claims, and cost within that group, the insurance company can and do indeed increase premiums. The author contradicts his own statement on page 20 by saying “Monthly premiums paid for individual policies typically increase annually with the level of inflation or overall medical costs.”

The author also indicates in several areas of the book that “good health insurance” for an individual or a family is now only $150.00 to $300.00 per month. The term “good health insurance” is what to this author? On page 26, he contends he pays $400.00 a month for a “superdeluxe” family policy for a family of six and he is 51 years of age. He fails to mention his “superdeluxe high deductible.”

The book explains how insurance companies are raising premiums by using an item called uprating. The author experienced this situation because of what a doctor wrote about a minor back problem. This author is an experienced insurance salesman (selling mostly for Blue Cross Blue Shield). He brags how he was able to “counteroffer”the increase from $400.00 a month to $520.00 back down to $460.00 a month. I wonder how many people (not being a broker for Blue Cross Blue Shield could work that out?)

The author offers no solution to those who are uninsurable other than obtaining insurance through a high risk pool of costs upward of $4800.00 a year, only if your state has such an animal. It is interesting that a book titled The New Health Insurance Solution would omit a chapter on discount health benefit programs. If the author used such a discount program with his chiropractor, his minor back injury would not have been reported to the big “medical computer in the sky” and he wouldn’t have been uprated by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Chapter 10 talks about How to Be a Smart Healthcare Shopper, but nowhere in the book does he discuss the options available regarding health benefit discount programs (other than a discount prescription card). Smart Healthcare Shoppers are joining members of nationwide companies like Ameriplan, where they receive discounts on the actual costs of their medical care. Ameriplan members get discounts without paying high cost premiums supporting the sick and older people in their insurance pool. Discount health programs also do not report to the big “medical computer in the sky.”

This book is hard to read and understand unless you have a background in the insurance, or employee benefits. The book is technical, misleading, and not for the layman! However if you do sell a discount health benefits program like Ameriplan, invest in this book as it clearly lays out your target market!

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